Full Version: #13 Gym 'Backs take to the road
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Gotta love our Gym 'Backs.. best looking athletes we have, and the top revenue-getting women's sport by far.

Anyways, the Gym 'Backs are #3 in the South Central region, and #13 in the country as they head to Baton Rouge to take on SEC-leading #4 LSU.

We're led this year by a couple of old names and some new faces as well. Dana McQuillin is our best all-around competitor, while Katie Hardman continues to be solid on the floor. Samantha Cortez and Emily Peacock lead a strong freshman class; while we're led on the beam by Arkansas's sweetheart, Cassie Drew.

All in all, expect good things in the future from our Gym 'Backs.

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