Full Version: Spring?
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When is spring practice? How are things looking?

Any idea(guess) on the draft status of the Davids?
Sounds like things are going well in practice. Although I'm hearing that our receivers have been struggling, which is not good news. We need some of those guys to step up.

As for the David's...my guess would be Pollack is still a late first-rounder while Greene is a 4th or 5th rounder.
I guess I am jaded. but I sure don't see why Greene is projected so late. I mean, all the guy did in college was win almost every game he played,-- 03-wink 03-wink so I just do not get it. I just read where the Texans were looking at Pollack, and may convert him to LB. Wow--

As for Greene, I know he doesn;t do anything spectatacular, but neither does Drew Bledsoe.
Neither does Tom Brady.

He doesn't get hyped up very much because he's not a great athlete. But he wins. And wins. And wins. I'll say it again, he will be a steal for somebody.
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