Full Version: stAte makes idiots of themselves
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The women's loss to ASU had to be a huge embarrassment to the whole Fayetteville athletic establishment.
WRONG. It hardly made any waves at all in NW Arkansas..or among the Razorback nation. Feel free to check rabidhogfans.com or woopig.net if you want... no one cared.

stAte thinks that was the world... we think it was a women's basketball game in the women's Not In Tournament. Big whoop. Had UA thought it was ANYTHING important, they would've taken Walton $$$ outbid stAte to get the home court. We didn't. Why? It's not a big thing.

Women's basketball isn't a big deal to UA fans...we finish near the bottom and just move on. It makes little money and few if anyone shows up. Women's hoops isn't even the top draw amongst the women's sports. It's third, behind gymnastics and track.

Contrary to stAte beliefs, the loss wasn't a shot at Frank Broyles. Frank is director of men's athletics. Bev Lewis is the women's AD. Frank didn't care in the least.. it's friggin women's basketball.

This game didn't even show that stAte is a respectable women's basketball program. It showed merely that UA's program has sunk to new lows. Had this been the Final Four and stAte won, that's one thing. This was the WNIT... again, who cares?

If anything, like Wally Hall said, stAte now is in a worse position than ever. They stormed the court for winning a WOMEN'S NIT game. That's hilarious 03-lol and pretty pathetic. Arkansas fans pretty much didn't give a rat's behind.
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