Full Version: Here's what AJ Told Hanley Today
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Sit the **** down.

[Image: stfd.gif]
Classic AJ ..... he has given the Bucs a hard-nosed attitude that they have not demonstrated in decades. It was more of a Greg Lloyd or Joey Porter moment.

Flying the Jolly Roger from my house here in Reds country with the 19th inning win.
Man that 19 inning win was something else.
That 19 inning win was really impressive, not to mention significant. Frankly it was more important that we beat the Cardinals yesterday to win that series than it was for us to win tonight's matchup against the Padres. I'm a little nervous that we blew our bullpen, though, and that will hurt us this series. That was just the cost of going for it yesterday, though, and I think that had to be done to keep pace in the Wild Card standings.

I'm a little leery about Correia starting tonight but I guess we'll just have to cross our fingers that he's got good stuff. Petco should help him, anyway.
Correia needs to pitch the game of his life to give the Bull Pen a break. Shoot, I wouldn't mind tossing out Correia a full 8 innings even if it means throwing away tonights game.
We called up two pichers for the bullpen so we will have something to work with at least.
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