Full Version: Georgetown vs Duke Prediction Thread
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My prediction:

Georgetown 88
Duke 85 --- OT

:fish: :fish: :fish:
Dook - Square root of 2
G'Town - 82
Georgetown 79
Dook 74

G'Town is gonna have to play some defense in order to win :D
Dude, you know it -- After the VA game, we REALLY need to work on our perimiter defense -- which is how VA got us, and Duke's an even bigger 3 point team then virginia...

Defense will decide whether we win or lose

And whether Sweetney and Wilson get called for a foul every time they touch someone :rolleyes: , since gtown is a physical team

should be interesting
and i have to ****in work the night of the game

VCR, dont fail me now
Da Beasts of the East 91
Dook, after being proofread 87
One day away...Once again, the odds are against us, but we can win. This is going to be Duke's toughest matchup so far, as scary as that is.
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