Full Version: GTOWN - SHU
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69-69....Wilson/Sweetney are gone...

No reffing problems here, if Georgetown gets sweeped by Seton Hall it's there own fault...

If we can pull this out without our star big men

then we are badass
BETHEL! 1:07, Drives in and is fouled! 71-70 Georgetown!

Makes the free throw! 72-70!

<!--EDIT|SSJT|Jan 29 2003, 09:38 PM-->
****....bethel - offensive foul, 72-72...14 GTOWN turnovers...here comes the hall
Holy crap..2 seconds on the shot clock, 7 on the game...

SHU inbounding

tie game
Geez....Seton Hall ALLEY OOPED without using the clock, Georetown was down by 2.....

Riley drives in AND JAMS IT HOME with 1.9 seconds left

Riley steals the inbound pass, throws up a halfcourt shot...misses

Overtime, baby
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