Full Version: Arkansas vs. Miami (OH) game thread
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Arkansas 9, Miami (OH) 5

Miami OH----0--1--0--0--0--0--0--0--4--5-12--2

WP - Charley Boyce
LP - Graham Taylor
S - James Gilbert
Miami 1st

Robinson popped out
Hillier flied out to cf
Slone singled to first base
Canada lined out to 3b
0 runs, 1 hit
Arkansas 1st

Gentry doubled to left
Bond tripled to right, Gentry scores 1-0 UA
Arnold singled to right, Bond scores 2-0 UA
Hamblin strikes out
Hode lined out to right
Parker ground-rule doubled, Arnold to 3rd
Goodwin grounds out to 1st
2 runs, 4 hits
Miami 2nd

Frietch homers to right 2-1 UA
Orr flies out to right center
Moljewski pops out in foul ground to 1st
Tabler pops out to right field
1 run, 1 hit
Arkansas 2nd

Walker singles to right, Miami bullpen warming up
Hollandsworth pops up bunt to pitcher
Gentry pops to right deep in foul ground, Walker to 2nd
Bond grounds out to short
0 runs, 1 hit - UA now has 3 LOB
Miami 3rd

Radley grounds out to 3rd
Robinson pops out to right
Hillier singles over the pitcher's mound
Hiller caught stealing at 2nd
0 runs, 1 hit
Arkansas 3rd

Arnold grounds to 3rd, safe on Canada's high throw
Hamblin grounds to FC, Arnold out, Hamblin safe at 1st
Hode lines out to left
Hamblin was picked off, but errant throw gives Hamblin 2nd- credited with SB
Parker pops out to foul ground by 1st
0 runs, 0 hits - UA now has 4 LOB
Miami 4th

Just some info.. UA announcers say no wind at all in Austin, flags are limp and still
84 degrees in Austin (85 right now in Fayetteville)

Slone lines out to right
Canada strikes out looking
Frietch singles to right
Orr singles to left, Frietch to 2nd
Moljewski grounds out to second
0 runs, 2 hits
Arkansas 4th

Goodwin safe on SS throwing error
Walker sac bunts to pitcher, Goodwin to 2nd
Hollandsworth hit by pitcher
Gentry strikes out
Bond walks, Goodwin to 3rd, Hollandsworth to 2nd
Arnold singles to 2nd, Goodwin scores, Hollandsworth out at home 3-1 UA
1 run, 1 hit
Miami 5th

Tabler strikes out swinging
Radley singles to left
Robinson grounds to FC, Radley out
Hillier grounded out to 1st
0 runs, 1 hit
Arkansas 5th

Hamblin singles to left
Hode sac bunts, Hamblin to 2nd
Parker grounds out, throw was high but 1B tagged Parker out, Hamblin to 3rd
Goodwin lines out to right
0 runs, 1 hit
Miami 6th

Taco Bell Razorback Scoreboard - S. Caro 5, Michigan 4 B8, Marist 0, LSU 0 B1

Slone pops out to right
Canada lines out to third
Frietch strikes out swinging
0 runs, 0 hits - First 1-2-3 half inning of the game!
Arkansas 6th

Walker strikes out
Hollandsworth singles to center
PINCH RUNNER - Robison replaces Hollandsworth
Gentry lines out to right
Bond strikes out
0 runs, 1 hit
Miami 7th

Updated Scores/Corrections - S. Caro 5 Mich 5 T9, Marist 4, LSU 1 B1

Orr strikes out swinging
Moljewski pops out in foul ground between catcher and third
Tabler doubles to left
Radley grounds out to third
0 runs, 1 hit
Arkansas 7th

Arnold singles to center
Hamblin sac bunts, Arnold to 2nd
Hode ground-rule doubles to left, Arnold scores 4-1 UA
Miami warming up again in bullpen
Parker triples to left center, Hode scores 5-1 UA
Pitching change coming up for Miami......
NEW PITCHER - Connor Graham
PINCH RUNNER - Jake Dugger in for Parker
Goodwin walks
Pitching change again coming up for Miami....
NEW PITCHER - Sam Shorts
Walker ground-rule doubles, Dugger scores, Goodwin to 3rd 6-1 UA
Third pitching change coming for Miami......

While on commercial - S. Carolina defeats Michigan 6-5....Marist leads LSU 4-3 bottom 4th

Robison strikes out
Gentry pops up to second
3 runs, 4 hits
Miami 8th

SEC Scores - Auburn 8, S. Alabama 5 (6th)--- Marist 4, LSU 3 (4th)--- S. Carolina 6, Michigan 5 - F
More scores to come

Robinson gronds to second
Hillier pops out to left
Slone singles to center
Canada strikes out
0 runs, 1 hit
Arkansas 8th

NEW PITCHER - Steve Antoniotti
Bond singles to left
Arnold sac bunts, Bond to 2nd
Hamblin singles to left, Bond scores 7-1 UA
Hode pops up, safe at 1st on 2B missing pop fly, Hamblin to 2nd
Dugger pops out to foul ground in left
Goodwin doubles to right center, Hamblin scores, Hode scores 9-1 UA
Arkansas warming up pitcher in the bullpen
Walker pops up to left
3 runs, 4 hits
Miami 9th

Frietch hit by pitcher (Boyce still in, going for the CG)
Arkansas warming up Gilbert in the bullpen
Orr singles to left, Frietch to second
PINCH HITTER - John Franzese
Franzese hit by pitcher, Frietch to 3rd, Orr to 2nd
Tabler singles to center, Frietch scores, Orr scores 9-3 UA
Radley gets infield hit, Franzese to 3rd, Tabler to 2nd
Robinson singles to right, Franzese scores 9-4 UA
FINALLY... a pitching change for Arkansas..ABOUT D**N TIME!
NEW PITCHER - James Gilbert
Hillier strikes out swinging
Slone grounds into FC, Tabler scores, Radley to 3rd, Robinson to 2nd 9-5 UA
Canada grounds out to third
4 runs, 4 hits
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