Full Version: Albany leaving NEC?
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Is Albany leaving NEC football to go to the CAA as a football only member? Strong rumors to such effect. Stony Brook also rumored to leave Big South football to accompany Albany into the CAA for football.
Albany & Stony Brook accepted CAA football invitations today for 2013. While Rhode Island (who is leaving the CAA) enters the NEC in 2013 as a football member, does the NEC stay at 9 or do they look to add a 10th f/b member to replace Albany? 05-nono I think they will stay at 9. That way it allows them to continue having 3 ooc games which some coaches prefer rather then just 2.
Albany left and Rhode Island changed its mind and stayed in the CAA leaving the NEC with 8 football schools. Now Monmouth football is going to the Big South leaving the NEC with only 7 football schools.
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