Full Version: Tranghese never got it & still doesn't
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Apparently MT doesn't inderstand the importance of stengthening & extending the Syracuse Brand across all of New York State including NYC. It wasn't about "owning" anything. It was about creating perception. It figures MT never understood this concept. He apparently never did as commisssioner of the Big East.

"Syracuse is talking about owning New York City. That’s a joke. The only people who own New York City are people who win."

Thanks for nothing Mike....
wow, sounds like a bitter ex to me.
(08-02-2012 09:34 AM)copycat Wrote: [ -> ]wow, sounds like a bitter ex to me.

Yeah, really. If Syracuse was still a long term member of the BE, he would be lauding their efforts in creating awareness in NYC.
(08-02-2012 09:34 AM)copycat Wrote: [ -> ]wow, sounds like a bitter ex to me.

MT seems to come across as angier and increasingly bitter everytime he has opened his trap after the Pitt / Cuse defections to the ACC. Maybe he should've taken PSU in the late 80's and then gone out and grabbed MD and Va in the late 90's and the Big East wouldn't be in this mess?
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