Full Version: Drew Sutton, Tabata, McGehee, Jones, Correia, Presley
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Correia: This is pretty self evident, the man wants traded. Can't completely blame him. Question is, since Lincoln is gone, do we really trust a Meek or another AAA pitcher enough for spot starts.

Tabata: Boy did we invest a lot of $$$ in Tabata just for him to not even be motivated enough to play AAA ball. Maybe a change in scenery is good for him. The pickup of Snider means that Tabata will more than likely never play for the Pirates again.

Presley, Sutton, Jones, McGehee: Unsure if a platoon of Jones and McGehee is the answer at first base. I think Jones is a very valuable piece to the puzzle, but he lacks consistency, hence the reason for a platoon in the first place. Unsure what happened to last years golden child in Presley, but he's definitely not an everyday starter. Maybe he's a valuable asset as a #4 or #5 outfielder for the long term. Unsure if moving him is the answer. The bench is definitely getting deeper and I'm unsure if McGehee is an answer there either. That's a great thing about Sutton, I think he's a valuable role player for this team. He can play OF and IF. Each of these players provides a great role for the team, but unsure if there is enough space on the roster for all of them. Someone unfortunately has to go.
Tabata needs to be moved. He's got attitude and other problems and at this point I think the Pirates are about ready to call it quits with him. The talent is there but the brain isn't and I don't think it's ever going to be.

Presley, Sutton, and McGehee have no trade value. Presley is a decent 4th outfielder. Sutton wouldn't be awful in that role either but I like Presley better. McGehee is a decent bench player and since he can do either 1B or 3B I like him on the team. I think he and Presley stay and McGehee gets starts against tough left handed pitching at 1B in place of Jones and starts at 3B when Pedro needs rest. Presley just does his 4th OF thing.
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