Full Version: Pirates Trade Lincoln, Receive Travis Snider
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The Pirates made a deal for an outfielder, trading Brad Lincoln for Travis Snider. This seems completely out of left field to me (no pun intended) but has me at least intrigued for the moment.

What do you think?

MLBtraderumors link:

I saw that and posted a thread and deleted it. Makes me wonder if Snider is a long term solution, and another trade is in the works for a rental.
That's a really interesting point, Clairton. The Indians wanted an outfielder for Choo (Marte). I wonder if they'd bite on Snider and a pitcher. I do realize that Choo isn't exactly a rental because he's under control for another year.
The more I look at this, the more I think we're just going to keep Snider. He's actually a pretty serious prospect and at PNC the short porch is in right field, not left. Therefore you want a power hitter who is left handed to make the most of that when they pull the ball. Snider fits this profile.

In addition, like Wandy Rodriguez, the Pirates will have control over Snider for more than just this season. That's a plus for a team in a small market.
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