Full Version: Does Anyone Affiliated With WV Have Any Class At All?
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I saw link on the Syracusefan.com board where WV head coach Dana "give me a drink" Holgorson took a couple of shots at the BE. Here is the

Based onthe way that the Syracuse Adm has handled themselves, I can confidently say that no one, not even the coaches, will ever stoop so low as to trash the BE after we leave. I am very proud at the way that Syracuse has handled this whole thing.
to be fair, if he never says anything worse than the fact that they get more national exposure in the Big XII than in the Big East, that's really not all that bad. (on the other hand, if he ever refers to the Big East as a dumpster fire... that would be bad)
If that was all that he said, you would be correct, but saying that WV shouldnt be playing a bunch of basketball schools (referrng to BE fb schools) is pretty low in my book, especially coming from a head coach.
I never said the WVU coach has any class... oh, and if the Big East IS a dumpster fire it's because WVU threw out the old couch 'cause Texas is buying them a new one!
To the OP: There are some, but they don't get the press. Bitcruncher and a few others on these boards have been respectful. Many have not. You generalization has been earned by many WVU supporters in all media so it is hard to find the classy ones.

To Hokie Mark: Well put! If Texas had not bought WVU a new couch, they would never have set fire to the old one.
These are highlights uploaded by WestVirginiaU. Show them this and it should somber them up.

(07-30-2012 02:47 PM)OrangeCrush22 Wrote: [ -> ]These are highlights uploaded by WestVirginiaU. Show them this and it should somber them up.

What a great feeling I had watching that game. Heres to having 13 more great experiences like that this upcoming season. 04-cheers
Well it is WVU lol. I can't sand them or anything that deals with them. I was taught by my family to hate them since many in my family are SU Grads.
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