Full Version: How Can SU benefit From Penn States Misfortune?
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How many ways can you think of that SU can benefit from Penn States sanctions?

I can think of recruiting first and foremost. What about some less obvious advantages for the Cuse?
PSU could leave the B10 for the ACC. That would help.
TV and radio stations which normally carry PSU football might join the ACC Network and carry Syracuse instead... oh, and in the ACC you get to keep the money from the radio broadcasts. [Image: 04-cheers.gif]
They could lose to us in the Meadowlands next year.
I hope the Penn State sanctions end up being a perfect storm for Syracuse. Rutgers and Uconn saw success the same time Syracuse fell down.

Now that Penn State is going to be going through a rough spot + Syracuse moving to a more prestigious conference provides a legitimate chance to gain some permanent ground on the Nittany Lions. It's a narrow window of opportunity though. I just hope SU capitalizes in recruiting and brand awareness these next 5-6 years.
I hope both Syracuse and Pitt can put a hurt on PSU's recruiting and image. 4 years of limited players and no bowls, etc. can have a log term affect. That's where I'm hoping both Syracuse and Pitt put the squeeze on PSU. Plus, with Marrone's image of a stand up guy compared to JoePa's tarnished image, we can gain more with the players parents. O'Brien has a lot of work ahead of him to rebuild trust. As a parent, I would be reluctant to allow a child of mine to attend a PSU right now. Yeah, I know, easy to say when I'm 1,500 miles away, nevertheless, i would discourage it.
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