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Since we learned of PSU's penalties today, and we know that they include ability of PSU's players and commits to transfer, I think we should consider a thread here which lists all the players on their roster that we know of that we offered.

I'd be willing to help with this. Where would we go about finding this info? I'm not big on recruiting news.
Only players I know that we've offered on the recruiting front is Ross Douglas, and Dorian Johnson off the top of my head. Really don't follow recruiting that much myself because some folks let emotions get into the way. I'll do my best to compile a list.
Cory Giger seemed to think there won't be any PSU players leaving right away but they'll leave after the season. Reason for this is because its so close to the season. But he did say that most of the bigger named recruits will more than likely move on. I have 0 idea what Pitt's chances are at this point.

This is a dead period in recruiting as well. Coach's can contact the individual HC's of the recruits, but not the recruits themselves.
Do those rules apply to these players, though? You would think the NCAA would be making special concessions for them.
I have 0 idea if this applies to current players on PSU's roster.
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