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There were still too many turnovers / bad shots / and other mistakes, but what a clutch block by Petway and that steal by Horton.

With @UCLA being the only high-profile OOC game left (South Florida being the next highest-profile game), I really hope that we can get some confidence w/o Abram, b/c obviously his presence is very much missed, and the team hasn't quite adjusted to his absence..... but the defense was pretty good, admittedly.
I thought it was funny that despite ND being ranked a vast majority of people said that they thought that Michigan would win that game... and we did, so they obviously knew their stuff. GO BLUE
Well, now that bad news is that Lester Abram is out for the year and Graham Brown is out 4-6 weeks..... good thing it might only cost us the UCLA game......

Ron Coleman has to grow up in a hurry, though, and I really hope JC Mathis finally tries to make up for his disappointing career at Michigan.
Recently, we always seem to have people stepping up, I think Amaker is doing a great job.
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