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Carl Franks, the former interim HC at Duke and lawrence Dawsey, former FSU reciever have been named to the USF staff. How do USF fans feel about these guys...is this an upgrade compared to the outgoing coaches?

<a href='http://gobulls.usf.edu/Sports/News.asp?i=546&s=Football' target='_blank'>http://gobulls.usf.edu/Sports/News.asp?i=5...=546&s=Football</a>
USF fans are really excited to get C Franks and L Dawsey. Franks was the recruiting coordinator for Floridas #1 recruiting class in 93 that led th their Natl Championship. After he left Fla for Duke the level of talent slipped at Florida (IMO). He has always recruited Florida. Dawsey was a star at FSU. Then became a good recoever with the Bucs.

I / we at USF are very happy and see these moves as "upgrades". IMO.....

Can not wait until 2005 and full Big East membership for the BULLS......... 04-cheers
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