Full Version: Why does VT lose the big games?
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I went back and looked at box scores, drive charts, and some play-by-pay accounts of VT vs. Auburn, Georgia, Kansas, Alabama, Boise St, Stanford and Michigan. Details are in the What Went Wrong Va Tech?

Here's what I came up with - there are 4 recurring themes in these losses:
* Slow start on either offense, defense, or both - the team needs better preparation (maybe even scripted opening drive?)
* Defense not strong enough up the middle - need to recruit larger DTs and maybe MLB as well (defense is already excellent on the edges)
* Offense unable to score in the 3rd quarter - need better half-time adjustments
* Offense settles for field goals instead of touch downs - need to go on 4th & 1 or 4th & 2, and may need some effective fake field goal plays.

What do you guys think the Hokies need to do to win the BIG GAMES?
I think you hit the key points. They always seem to need the second half, if they don't start off hot (which is pretty consistently). And when they do, the opposition always seems to make adjustments to slow us down, with us trying to stick with what works (usually running the ball or those quick receiver screens). I haven't really seen a big play VT team yet (watching them since '05) so our offense can really get bogged down a lot trying to bust a big one with our All-ACC backs, but that seems to be going away with O'Cain picking up the playcalling. I know this year they should have one of their top interiors on D in a while, and that they've talked about introducing the NY Giants mentality of putting the best players out there even if they aren't true DTs.

Overall, I think its a combination of just showing up flat for the big games, and then failure by the coaching staff (8/10 on offense) being unable to adjust in the second half. The Georgia game we had control until Glennon started throwing. Alabama was close, but we couldn't adjust to their changes, Boise St was a flat start that shouldn't have been that close, Michigan was another flat offense. I thought we were screwed against Stanford from the get go, so I don't really count that, though I wish they had at least made a show of it in the 2nd. I'm pulling all this from memory, but painful loses always seem to be somewhat clear in your memory.
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