Full Version: The Big East Is Not What It Used To Be- Jim Boeheim
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It seems that everyone is starting to get comfortable with the idea of moving to the Acc. I thought it would be hardest for Jimmy B. But I was wrong apparently. While I feel bad for whats happening to the BE, I am happy that we are getting out. It took me a few months to come to grips with this Acc move. What about you guys? Were some of you happy or sad when you learned that SU was headed to the Acc? Or did some of you have to slowly come to grips with the idea, as I did?

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I came to grips with it before it even happened but I'm not a Syracuse fan.
The BE I grew up with has long been dead and staying it has really hurt our football program. So while I am sad to be leaving behind our rivalries with UConn and G'town ... I am not sad about leaving the rest of the steaming pile of #@! that is the BE.
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