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Since it's looking like the Pirates are going to be buyers again at the trade deadline this year, we'll have the trade talk here.

MLB Trade Rumors has us linked to Justin Upton and Carlos Quentin. Here's the link:


There has also been some speculation that Victarino could be a target for the Bucs at the deadline this year:

Of the 2 I prefer Upton. He's young, and and out OF could be Upton, Marte, and Cutch for years to come. I'd def include Tabata and some other prospects in the deal.
I strongly prefer Upton too. The issue is that it's probably going to cost at least one of our young pitchers - Taillon or Cole. Certainly we can't give both of them up in the same deal. It appears we're more attached to Cole because he's closer to the big leagues but at the same time, other teams are also going to have a similar attraction with him.

I'm not thrilled on trading for Quentin because he's having a career year so far, is older than Upton, and would be a half-year rental. I just don't know that this is the type of deal we should be making because the cost is still going to be fairly high for him I expect. Upton at least is a guy who we would have control over through 2015. He's a legit superstar player, too, and so I think I am much more willing to pay the steep price for him.

The real problem I see with trading for Upton is this - can we make this deal happen without including Marte?
Upton for Tabata and Locke or Wilson?
(07-08-2012 01:30 PM)Ragpicker Wrote: [ -> ]Upton for Tabata and Locke or Wilson?

More like Tabata, Taillon/Cole, and then Locke/Wilson/Owens. Even that may not be enough to get it done.
Upton for Tabata & a prospect like Owens seems more than fair IMO.

But I think Owens would be a great piece for the Buccos once the roster expands in September. I honestly prefer not to make a move at all. Karstens seems to be a nice midseason addition to the rotation. Plus this ship seems built for years to come. Don't want to get this far into the rebuilding project to throw it away just for one season.

Tabata is still going to be a good ball player. And despite his struggles the Pirates are thriving. These Bucs are only going to get better. Cutch, Pedro, Neil, and company are only going to get better. Hopefully Harrison goes to winterball, I want to see him get some work at SS, and on bunting. Still think in the longterm we're going to need a First Baseman & Catcher. The Fort has been serviceable though.
Well depending on how hurt McGehee is, that could totally change my opinion.

Hoping he's aight.
(07-08-2012 02:25 PM)ClairtonPanther Wrote: [ -> ]Well depending on how hurt McGehee is, that could totally change my opinion.

Hoping he's aight.

A few days off should be OK. He seemed to be walking without a limp.

I agree the Bucs should hold pat with their current team, unless they could get a Cole Hamels-type pitcher or a stud SS that would be around for a few years.
Totally agree.
Looking like he's heading to the Buccos...
Pirates get LHP Wandy Rodriguez and $$$. Astros get Rudy Owens, Robbie Grossman, Colton Cain.
I'm not sure how I feel about this trade yet. Wandy's OK but I liked Grossman. It also seems like a pretty big haul for just him.

It's nice that we upgraded the rotation and all but what we really need is a bat or two. That makes this trade also feel a little underwhelming. I'm pretty certain that a trade for a bat is likely to come, though, in the coming week or so.
Now that Marte is up, do you go for another Corner Outfielder/1st Baseman or keep the lineup as is?
I hear that the Pirates want Chase Headley but that it's not looking good. Apparently calling Marte up was a plan B of sorts and he may have even been called up a little earlier than expected.
(07-27-2012 06:24 PM)ndlutz Wrote: [ -> ]I hear that the Pirates want Chase Headley but that it's not looking good. Apparently calling Marte up was a plan B of sorts and he may have even been called up a little earlier than expected.

I tend to think that we don't have enough quality Tier B prospects to make a big time move possible. And its apparent that Lincoln and the Tier A players like Cole are off the table.
Quick trade deadline update: Pirates have traded for Travis Snider, OF from the Blue Jays. Pirates gave up Brad Lincoln, RHP. Of course we have another thread on this topic, but I think it's worth putting here too.

As of 12:40, July 31:

Victorino has been traded to the Dodgers. The compensation required to pick him up was said to be ridiculous a few days ago. I'm not sure if that's the kind of haul the Phillies actually accepted for him, though. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/07/do...orino.html

A trade sending Hunter Pence from Philadelphia to the San Francisco Giants seems imminent although is being denied at this point in time. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/07/gi...pence.html

The Pirates are set to face Dempster tonight, however, he may be traded today. In that case we'd have to face an unknown spot starter. It appears that the Dodgers have made an effort to buy a completely new team this year and Dempster could be the next piece. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/07/ry...esday.html

It looks like Soriano is still on the market and that he won't be sporting Dodger blue with Dempster if that deal ends up getting done because of the Victorino deal.
Pirates trade Casey McGehee to the Yankees for P Chat Qualls. I actually like this deal. I'm not totally excited for Qualls, but getting something in return is better than just waiving the guy and letting him go.
And of course, Gaby Sanchez was acquired by the Pirates for Gorkys Hernandez. It appears that Sanchez will platoon with Jones at 1B.
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