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As ND fans, what do you think about being in the Big East? What about scheduling more BE teams for football?
Hopefully they'll join the B10 and stop taking advantage of the Big East.
I hope they go all sports in the BEAST! 04-cheers
I'm Cincinnati Fan, But I'll comment on Notre Dame. If I were the Irish, I would elect to stay as a IND in football like they are now, because ND has been independent for many years, and I think that the tradition, So I elect to keep things the way they are right now.
there is a development taking place that could finally force Notre Dame to join a conference for football (thank God!!!). Many may not have realized it, but ever so slowly, the top NCAA conferences have begun to get control of the bowls that make up the BCS. If you looked at how much freedom the BCS bowls had in the past compared to how much they have now, you would notice a definite decline in power for the bowls. This is important to ND because those bowls are what have made ND into what it is today. When BCS conferences start dictating to the BCS bowls who will be taking what team, ND is going to be left out in the cold until they join a BCS conference. That's what the BCS conferences have wanted all along, as well as a "true" national champion.
If ND would join the Big East they would solidify the conference (BCS for years to come) and be top dog at same time. They may need to schedule a few top OOC games but teams are dying to play Notre Dame, I dont know why they dont just do it and end all the B.S. They could even put a "Hey look, we saved the Big East" spin on it and come out looking like a rose. Just my opinion....I could be wrong!
Would love to see Notre Dame play Cincinnati in South Bend and in Cincinnati. Cincinnati would fill Paul Brown Stadium twice. Not sure what the hard core Catholics and UC fans would do. Have a seizure? Not sure if this game is in the works. One would think with Brian Kelly (former Cincinnati coach) at Notre Dame, the game or idea would get some traction. Not sure what gives with this idea.
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