Full Version: what a night at PNC Park
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I sat in the Lexus club in Section 16 for F Seat 2... I had several opportunities to wish Coach Crist to Pittsburgh but since he was w/ his daughter and son I felt it was appropriate to leave them alone. Sad thing was it seemed like either everyone felt the same way I do or no one knew who he was.

I will say if any of y'all have the opportunity to sit in the Lexus Club do it. The pregame buffet is awesome and the service during the game is top notch hence my $20 tip to my waitress.

But man, the Pirates are certainly starting to resemble a good to very good baseball team. Cutch is an absolute monster and this lineup top to bottom is on fire right now. And I can't say anything bad about McDonald, what a game he pitched tonight. A well deserved CG.
You sure picked a good night to take off from your moderating duties! Sounds like it was a great night at the ballpark.
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