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I think that you a making a mistake by joining the Big East. You will have increased travel budgets. This will cost the university even more money and they will increase their cost of going to the school.
D.K. --- You have spued your garbage about USF on other boards. Give it a rest and get a life. Trolling must be your life......... Quit with your concern for little ole USF, we will be fine.

USF & Big East & BCS = Ca$h.......
I predict that South Florida will be just like Miami. Another schools loosing money on football.

Miami did not lose money in football while in the BIG EAST. You are thinking about basketball. They were losing $$ in basketball because they could not draw anyone to their games. I believed they got just about 2K for some of their basketball games. Also, Miami is a private school which cant charge the students an athletic fee in their tuition like USF does. Trust me, USF gets alot of $$$ from all the students paying tuition. A study was done that USF's travel cost wont be as expensive in the BIG EAST as it would be in the new C-USA. I am sorry, but traveling all the way to UTEP, Houston, and Tulsa will be very expensive. USF will get much cheaper flights going to the BIG East.
I can't believe you actually took the time to respond to DK.
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