Full Version: Pirates at Reds
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Off tomorrow... Brad Lincoln set to start Tuesday night.
(06-03-2012 04:32 PM)ClairtonPanther Wrote: [ -> ]Off tomorrow... Brad Lincoln set to start Tuesday night.

If they are over .500 at 6/15 I am actually thinking of getting out there from NYC the following week for a game. Probably against the twins.

I know what you're thinking. Typical PITTsburgh fan.
Nothing wrong w/ that though. The Pirates management been running a half assed program for over a decade now. The fans certainly have a reason to be a little pessimistic on the outlook on the future. I jumped back on the wagon in 2010, because I noticed some minor changes.
So ah, where did the Pirates offense come from... I'm enjoying this
Pirates take the 1st game 8-4 and improve the record to 28-26.

Lets Go Bucs

what a freaking game
What a great game! I really only caught the bottom of the 10th but Resop's strikeout on Ludwick to end the game was fantastic.

This was really a huge series for us to win. The stretch ahead looks like it could be manageable. Unfortunately we don't play well in AL parks because we don't have anybody to DH for us. Still, we have the Royals at home and I think if we split with the Orioles we'll be OK.
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