Full Version: Rudy Owens(P)
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He's tearing it up at Indy right now. The Pirates have 7 Pitchers that could be in the rotation. I propose packaging Owens and Correia and maybe a McGee to get a bat. Any team like Minnesota or even the White Sox could use a pitcher. Thoughts
Well, I can tell you right now that nobody is going to trade for Correia or McGehee. Correia is lucky if he ever gets another MLB start at this point. He's actually been lucky this year because he's been putrid. He was bad at the end of last year as well so this is nothing new with him. He's got nowhere to go but down and out.

McGehee is a bench player and he might be useful to a team at the trade deadline but quite frankly he's been pretty good for the Pirates. He's not going to fetch much so I really think he has more value to us if we keep him. Regardless, we may not be even to find a trade partner for him because he's just not a hot commodity.

Owens is intriguing. We definitely have some pitching down on the farm and he could potentially be a trade candidate. On the other hand, I would like to see him perhaps make the next start in place of Correia. My guess is that the Pirates are going to let Brad Lincoln make that start and see what happens, though. Lincoln was a first round draft pick for the Pirates and highly touted pitcher before his career was derailed by Tommy John and other assorted issues. The Pirates don't know how they view him yet - they think he could be a starter or a late game reliever.

My desire would be to keep him on the late game reliever track and see what Owens can do. Owens has been in the organization for quite a while and I think he deserves a chance at the MLB level. Correia sucking himself out of the rotation is a good time to go ahead and give Owens the shot. If he falters, move Lincoln into the spot because you know he can do it. This way we find out a little bit about both guys.
Biggest reason why I list Owens as trade bait is because Karstens is returning soon. I'd leave Lincoln in the Pen and place Kastens in the rotation. Unsure where Owens would fit on the current roster.
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