Full Version: Pirates-Marlins Series Thread
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Looks like Lincoln is taking Bedard's spot in the rotation tonight because of Bedard's back spasms last time out.

Listening to the pre-game it was mentioned that Lincoln is only expecting to throw 60 pitches. He's hoping he can get through the 5th. God forbid if he doesn't...the bullpen could use a little rest. I'd sure hate to see them spent in the first game of the series.
I'd like to see Lincoln throw 6 solid innings myself. But my baseball knowledge totally sucks when it comes to pitch count and sh*t.
I'd say it breaks down like this:

> 5 innings - this was an atrocious start
6 innings - average; some pitchers will go to 7 here
7+ - this was a really nice start
I can agree with that. Its just too many times I see pitchers pitching a hell of a game just to see him pulled due to the pitch count.
After the Top half of the 1st its 1-0 Pirates.

Hanley Ramirez ties it with his 7th HR of the Season... After 1. its tied at 1
Pirates 3-2 heading into the bottom of the 6th
Brad Lincoln's line per @Kristy_Robinson

Lincoln's line in spot start: 6.0 IP, 4H, 2R, BB, 3K, HR. 80 pitches, 54 strikes #pirates
Raise the Jolly Roger! Pirates take game 1; go for the sweep tomorrow.
nice win tonight... 3 game winning streak
After 1... Pirates/Marlins tied at 1
this team is just so depressing to watch at times... couldda busted this open at the top of the 3rd and gives up a bunt
Correia sucks. Hopefully that was his last start as a Pirate.

Resop in...

6-1 Marlins 4th Inning
I second that. His ridiculous facial hair doesn't nearly make up for what a terrible pitcher he is.
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