Full Version: NNN Down?
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(03-16-2013 09:28 PM)Nugget49er Wrote: [ -> ]It looks like the domain registration expired today. At least we made it through the conference tournament.

There's a 30 day grace period.

Mac should just move in here and be done with it. 05-stirthepot
Besides, he renewed it looks like.

And he's being hosted at Linode. I literally know like half the staff there. Their support is outstanding. But they only do VPS solutions. Mainly entry level to mid-range. Their high end stuff can get pricey. To translate that into non-geek:

Shared Hosting: Yugo
Entry Dedicated/VPS Hosting: Ford Taurus
Mid-Range Dedicated/VPS Hosting ... Entry Colocation: Mazda RX-8
High End Dedicated/VPS .... Mid-Range Colocated: Porsche 911
Custom Colocation: Ferrari 458 Italia
(03-17-2013 08:14 PM)BeliefBlazer Wrote: [ -> ]Just move here already 03-razz There are a few ads but not a lot of downtime.

I like it here, but we'd lose a lot of members if we ever adopted this as the Niner board. The regulars would all migrate over, but those that only come around sporadically would probably just stop posting.

NinerNation.Net is an important part of the Niner community. Without it, it is very possible we would not have added football and we would be staying put in the A10.
Looks like NN.N is back up.
When I first tried NN.N this morning I got the webpage registration site again, then the secone time I tried it I got on.
Back down for me.
(03-18-2013 09:14 AM)TribeNiner Wrote: [ -> ]Back down for me.

And I'm on NN.N right now. Something odd is afoot!
Pull up NNN and hit Ctrl+F5 if you're still seeing the website registration page from the weekend. May or may not resolve their specific issue.
I'm still not getting in. Anyone else having that problem.
I've been in since this morning but now its back on the web registration page again.
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