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Please check us out if you get a moment. We specialize in mid-majors as you will see on the attached page.


*Welcome to the worst website ever designed that makes people money!

*During the 2005 college football season we are 80% accurate against the spread, specializing specifially in MAC Conference football (see our site for full transparency statistics).

*We are an amazing 100% against the spread in college football in December (O.K., we only picked 4 games...but we are 4-4!).

*We are a "semi-O.K." 67% against the spread in college baskeball in 2005. We will improve that ledger!


*Check us out. We win games, and we potentially win them in areas that you may not usually bet.

*We are 100% transparent with our picks, and we will give you free picks in order to build confidence!

*Our picks are infinetely better than our crummy website! (Would you want it the other way around?)

*Picks are FREE FREE FREE! (for a while...then you'll want to give me a few bucks after we win so much!)...
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