Full Version: So Long WAC - Hello MWC
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Prediction: This will be our Spartans last year in the WAC, which will fold as a football conference. SJSU will join the MWC later this year. The WAC will probably continue on, but as an Olympic sports conference only. I can't wait to get out of this deadbeat conference. 02-13-banana NMSU, LA Tech, UTSA and Texas State will join either the MWC, C-USA or the Sun Belt Conference. And Idaho will probably go back down to FCS in the Big Sky Conference.

*Update: If you don't already know, Utah State will be joining the MWC as well.
Well I've been right so far. It's going on a month since my original post and both SJSU and Utah State joined the MWC. And LA Tech has since agreed to join the C-USA along with UTSA. And Texas State is going to the Sun Belt. That leaves NMSU and Idaho still searching for a home. I don't see the MAC involved with either of these two teams, so it will be the Sun Belt or Big Sky...or nothing. There is a chance that they could close their football programs altogether. It happened at Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Northridge and Cal State Long Beach. I don't think that it will in the case of NMSU and Idaho, but they'd better be vigilent in their search for a new conference home!
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