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Like Conrad said, it could have been so much better had they embraced the Hunger Games idea but it was still revealing.


Zordich looked good, but still only completed 53% of his passes (albeit for 3 touchdowns and no interceptions). It was not a mind blowing day but a respectable showing. He also showed good elusiveness and looked a lot less likely to tuck it and give up quickly on a play than we saw two seasons ago.

Jerry Davis all but took himself out of the running for second line quarterback with a very pedestrian three completion day and 44 yards.

Joe Licata got off to a very shaky start. First he was mauled by Steven Means and then a couple of plays later did a terrible job reading the zone and got picked off. As the day went on he got a lot sharper and engineered a great two minute drive towards the end to get his touchdown.

His passes on that drive, and for most of the contest, were pretty on target.

Were that the whole day then I would say the order would be Zordich, Licata, Davis but Tony Daniel, who we've only mentioned in passing all spring had himself a great day. Maybe even a game changer as far as the depth chart is concerned.


Comp Att PCT Yds Y/A TD INT
Alex Zordich 9 17 52.9% 183 10.8 3 0
Tony Daniel 19 25 76.0% 177 7.1 1 0
Loe Licata 7 13 53.8% 99 7.6 1 1
Jerry Davis 3 6 50.0% 44 7.3 0 0

Daniel spent the bulk of his game against the second and third line units but showed great decision making, an efficient arm, and a good feel for the pocket.

Give the day he was having it would have been nice to see one more series with him put up against the first teamers but the scrimmage it what it was.

On top of numbers which are arguably better than even the ones put up by Zordich he also carried the ball nine times for 62 yards. He did a particularly good job making the right choices on the read option plays.

Carr Yds TF Y/C
Oliver 16 77 0 4.8
Daniel 9 62 0 6.9
Murie 14 54 0 3.9
Zordich 5 34 0 6.8
Jean 7 24 1 3.4

Running Backs:

Branden Oliver had a respectable game but none of his carries were highlight reel material. He had a very quiet 77 yard day. The only backs to carry were Brandon Murie, Oliver and Richard Jean.

Brandon Murie had an OK showing, and he did spend a bit of time with the first units.

Rashad Jean was the very pleasant surprise. It was just two years ago that Buffalo fans were led to believe that the Full Back position was a thing of the past. Jean, who saw action as a blocking back last year carried the ball seven times. He scored the lone touchdown of the game on a goal line plunge (took him two tries). More notably is that he seemed to be an effective part the passing game.


Alex Neutz is not quite 100% yet but he is already looking dangerous. While the secondary that he spent the day torching was one of the more vulnerable ones in the MAC last season 112 yards on six receptions is still impressive.

Rec Tds TD Y/C
Neutz 6 112 2 18.7
Hughes 8 81 1 10.1
Johnson 6 ? ? ?
Willoughby 5 ? ? ?
Wiser 4 56 0 14.0
Dennison 2 54 1 27.0

Devon Hughes had a solid game which reinforces what we have been hearing out of camp. Hughes will be the guy who hopefully keeps teams from focusing all of their pass defense on Neutz. 10.1 yards per reception and a touchdown is enough to warrant the attention of defensive coordinators.

Rudy Johnson, a converted Quarterback, was a frequent target from Daniel. He and freshman Ron Willoughby combined for eleven catches.

Alex Dennison is hopefully done bulking up. I hardly recognize him wearing a tight ends frame. But he did not sacrifice too much quickness and had a very good touchdown catch in traffic.

Matt Wiser also looked very solid.
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