Full Version: A Question about your Rival/SUNY Mate
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So, if you read my posts on the MAC board it's no secret that I want the MAC to put the screws to UMass and force a decision on their part to either leave or join as a full member.

Ideally, UMass would join for all sports and the MAC would add JMU as #14 to even out the divisions.

It's also no secret that UMass wants to move on to an "AQ" conference presumably the Big East or ACC. If this were to play out as UMass hopes and the MAC is left once again with 13 members and looking for #14, it probably won't be for a few years 2-3 at the earliest but more likely 5-10.

So, I've posted on this Buffalo board before asking about UNH and URI but I didn't realize that URI is actually considering or in the process of downgrading its football program. I'm not a fan of ODU for reasons I won't fully get into but part of the reason is their more "southern" orientation. I would prefer that the MAC continue to try to grow its northeast brand. Not a fan of Delaware either. I was thinking then, maybe UNH? Maybe Towson? But I'm warming up to Stony Brook (which has been mentioned several times by "Bull in Exile"), because I just read that it has publicly stated its goal to move to FBS.

Does anyone her know if this is true? And if so, do you know what Stony Brook's timeline looks like? It would be perfect if they could be ready to make the jump in the 3/5-10 years when/if UMass were to leave.

Stony Brook's FB and BB facilities are a joke and not even to the MAC standard. What are the plans for upgrading these?

So which program is closer to a move to FBS...UNH, Towson, or Stony Brook?
What do you think about an annual rivalry/college football kickoff game between Buffalo and Stony Brook at Yankee Stadium to start the season? Great press for both programs and the MAC to kick-start the season.

Or would this be better as an end-of-season "rivalry week" MAC game-of-the-week?

Would playing a neutral site conference game be a big problem for you?
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(04-09-2012 07:40 PM)Howl-n-Prowl Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone?


Your last question is the easiest to answer. N.F.W. the Yankees will never allow a game to be played in the stadium in September. MLB isn't even over yet. The field is grass and would be ripped to pieces just before the playoffs. Remember, the Yankees believe it is their divine right to be in the WS every year. Maybe this game could happen at the end of the season, when MLB is over. But do you really think either Buf or SB could muster enough paying fans to warrant playing this game on a neutral site in the Bronx?

Right now with GaSt gone, I don't think any other CAA team is really close to moving up. Well at least none of the ones you mentioned. Only a couple of the Va schools seem motivated. I was at Del last May for graduation. It has one of the most successful football programs in FCS. That being said, its facilities still looked closer to large high school level than FBS level.
That's a good point about Yankee Stadium in September. I was just throwing it out there, but the late season game may still work.

As far as generating enough interest, if it's done over Thanksgiving weekend there may be more students and alums in the NYC area than at the respective campuses. I believe the MAC is playing a conference game at a neutral site this season, a soccer stadium in Columbus on the same weekend as "The Game" between OSU & U. Michigan. So, a Yankee Stadium Thanksgiving game is actually not a stretch.
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