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Ok, so I know that there's a couple of fellow Hokies on here, but we'll see if this actually gets anyone's attention:

Greenberg is the only coach I've ever known as a Tech fan. I personally think that he's a terrible representative for the university in that he is the only coach I can think of off the top of my mind that openly criticizes other coaches, refs, fans, and tourney selection officials on a regular basis. I believe that he's done a fairly good job at recruiting and has definitely improved the team given its moderate talent level. I think he's a very mediocre game-day coach.

After this year, I don't see how he's not on the hotseat. I grew up, and still am a Duke basketball fan, but I can't get on board with supporting Greenberg as a coach. I was wondering what other's opinions were, or if I'm alone on this perception.
I support Seth Greenberg and think he's doing a great job overall. VT has little basketball tradition and was arguable the worst major basketball program in the country after Stokes got through with us. When Seth got to VT, nobody was going to Cassell. Some of the students didn't even know we had a basketball team. He raised interest so much that by the time we joined the ACC, we were selling out through season tickets. Nobody expected VT to finish 3rd or 4th in the league 5 times since we joined or win so many games vs. #1 teams but even so, patience is wearing thin in the Hokie fan base. Attendance has gone down so much now that Duke and UNC tickets were available for ticket price up till a week before the games. Ultimately ticket sales will determine whether or not Seth gets fired. Right now though, he's doing a good enough job to not be mentioned for the hot seat.

The problem with replacing Seth, whether you support him or not, is with Jim Weaver. He is physically unable to handle a decent coaching search right now and he's too cheap to hire a consulting firm. When Beth Dunkenberger was fired (a Jim Weaver hire) he went down the hall and hired our head of Men's basketball operations, Dennis Wolff to take over the job. Mr. Wolff may end up being a good hire because he integrated well with the athletic department but I think it was because Jim couldn't handle a prolonged head coaching search. Before you decide whether or not you want to replace Seth, you have to consider who's going to replace him. I see VT fans hoping we can get some body like Shakka Smart from VCU. Really ?!?!? The guy who turned down 3 million from Illinois is going to take 1.5 million or less to coach at tech ??? JW likes to hire coaches on the cheap side, so expect a guy with no head coaching experience not some hot up and coming young coach. JW is set to retire in 2 years. The next AD is going to want to put his stamp on the program with the next head coach. I would say that Seth's Job is rock solid for at least 2 more years.

There is room for improvement. I hate an offense that is always setting up outside and frequently has to throw up a bad shot because the shot clock is running out. Because of that I can agree that Seth is not a great game day coach but he makes up for it with everything else he does. I never thought we'd recruit this well without having a final 4 run to increase our profile and at the very least Seth is setting the program up well for the next head coach.
Greenberg recruits well. I'd say right now he is out-recruiting half the teams in the ACC, which keeps VT above average in conference.

However, his lack of game-day coaching costs the Hokies when they play OOC. Ultimately it's the lack of quality OOC wins that keeps VT out of the NCAA tournament every year -- I think that's the source of fan frustration.

Have to agree w/ Chris though -- if we're getting a new AD in 2 years, may as well change coaches then.
Didn't realize that the AD was leaving. As far as Shaka, I heard that he took it for the job security. At a Big 10 school, he's gonna be expected to win and compete. While they probably won't get too upset if he never wins it all, at VCU all he has to do is probably be above .500 and be top 2 in the conference and he'd keep his job for a lifetime.
well, you dont gotta support him anymore
Would be happier if it sounded like they had had a plan. No coach, who claims he was in the middle of recruiting, no prospects, and no clear future, quite late into our offseason. Not quite the way I would have handled it. But hopefully I can embrace the Hokies and see them rise to number two in the ACC.
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