Full Version: OSU- Illinois
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Can Ohio State keep this game close? Dials needs to stay out of foul trouble, but this game could be closer than people think.
I hope so, but the way the Illini have been playing it could get out of hand. But I will say this, as long as we lose, if we lose, by less than 22 I will be happy. Since that is how much our Bearkitty friends got beat by on Friday.
Playing good so far. Only down by 6 at the half. Harris looks good from what I am reading, he has 13 pts and 3 rbs. We seemed to of had a brainfart between the 3 min and 1 min mark of the first half. I hate how it says the game is going to be on TV, then when you go to the channel they are supposed to be on, they are showing the "Vibe Awards"... :bang:
Very good effort...... I'm simply amazed how you guys are playing so well with only pride on the line......

.... Michigan won 17 games in 2002-03 in the same situation and even ran off 13 straight after an 0-6 as you might remember, but that was just getting rid of players that didn't want to be part of the program like Avery Queen and Domannic Ingerson more than anything.
It was close until about 8 minutes left in the 2nd period. All in all I am pleased.

Michigan pulled out a thriller in Iowa. Thought Michigan had it in the bag at half, until I saw the ticker as I was keeping an eye on OSU's progress and Iowa went on a, well at the time, I saw they were on a 17-4 run to start the second half then saw the ending as they broke away from the Vandy-Alabama game to show the last minute. Good win especially getting one of your starters back.
Buckeyes get a nice win at home against Iowa. 04-bow
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