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The 2nd half near melt-down was discouraging, but this is how this team was supposed to play before Abram got injured along with Horton and Brown.

Coleman is growing up, too!!

Too many fouls by Harris, Andrews, Sims, and Hunter, but a win is a win.

Petway had a great game, and most importantly Horton was very effective in his first game back.

I, unfortunately was unable to watch the game b/c I live in Philly and don't have FullCourt, but (as sad as this sounds) it was very exciting to watch on mgoblue.com's live scoreboard.

After a breather against Fairfield this Saturday hopefully Michigan beats all the lesser BigTen teams this year (MINN, PSU, PUR, NWern, IND - very sad that it's reached that point for the Hoosiers), can finish the sweep agains the Hawkeyes in Crisler and can go .500 in games against OSU, MSU, WISC, and ILL.

That should be enough to get Michigan to the tourney, hopefully.....
Iowa looks to be overrated, or struggling at the moment, they lose in Columbus.
Sorry, repeat
Iowa shut down Louisville and Texas. They may need to get their stuff together, but they are a good team.
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