Full Version: Wallace Wade Stadium
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good afternoon,

I am in the process of creating a site that includes various information about different stadiums. I have not been to Duke and would love and appreciate some feedback. Any information about the stadium. Some notes on the surrounding area, tailgating, food, any thoughts or anything at all about your team's or other team's stadiums would be greatly appreciated.

Also maybe some info or quotes on rivalries and jerseys. I really appreciate any information!

Thanks in advance!

(also any info can be linked to this page or any other page for your team or whatever you would like. everything will be sourced and cited)
The very first football game I ever saw was at Wallace Wade stadium back in 1966. Duke had a real good football program back in those days and they beat West Virginia that day. I was only 6 years old, but I still have some fond memories of that day out with my Dad. He was teaching ROTC for the Marine Corps at Duke and got us prime seats on the 50 yard line.
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