Full Version: Goodbye NCAA's
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Blown out by Purdue by 29. :wave:
I had all ready conceded that...... The ? is can we stay above .500 to go to the NIT??? I think the answer is yes.

Michigan has to win 4 games the rest of the way to ensure a .500+ season..... Penn State at home is pretty much a sure win.... I think Michigan will go 3-4 in games v Indiana, v Iowa, v Michigan State, v Minnesota, @ Ohio State, @ Northwestern, and the opening rd BigTen tourney game..... I'm conceding games @ Wisconsin and v Illinois.

So it goes..... Villanova and Oklahoma had similar problems last year and look how good they are this year???

Michigan only loses JC Mathis and adds 3 freshmen (including a true PG to backup Horton) along with a transfer.

Our big problem is toughness, though, unfortunately....
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