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Greetings, Tar Heels Fans. I was in a sports bar last night and one of the games being featured on one of the venue's TV screens was the basketball game between UNC and Elon College last night, and caught the aftermath of a scary moment. Something happened to one of your team's cheerleaders in the 2nd half. I saw them help her to her feet after a stoppage of the game during a timeout to tend to her and escort her off the court, hopefully she's alright, I saw her try to muster a bit of a smile as they helped her up. Was wondering what happened to cause her to have been in distress. Thank you for your indulgence, our UAB Blazers had an incredible playing experience against you guys in the NIT a couple of seasons ago at Bartow Arena.

Anyway, thank you for your indulgence best of fortune to you all this season and whatever you do - Beat the living "you know what" out of Duke!!!

Go Blazers! Go Heels!!!
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