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Just received a letter from them that they're discontinuing their dues, that all alumni are now part of the alumni association and it will now be called WMUFAMILY.

I like the feel and the idea, cheeses me off that i bought a lifetime membership though! 01-lauramac2

The new site will be http://www.MyWMU.com
I got the same letter; thanking me for my paid participation in the Alumni Association, and somewhat apologetically notifying me of the new free arrangement.
All in all, it's a positive. We need to have a feeling of inclusiveness in our community, for as long as I can remember, it's never felt that way. Good start.
I got it too. The new VP of Development is doing some excellent things for WMU.
I was paying dues for a few years, mostly because Jamie Jeremy talked me into it, but I stopped last year because I didn't feel I was getting much out of it. Plus, I'm still paying back my loans and while I'm making enough to afford an iPhone (if I so chose), I spend enough money on charitable endeavors anyway.
I was a member but stopped paying dues a few years back cause their online pay website was beyond ridiculous. Forgot my user name and password and there was no way to retrieve it. Directed me to email/call a POC but I never heard back from anyone using either method. So I said hell with it.
Yeah I like the concept of Family....they quote there are 175,000 graduates. I've often thought about that and wondered what would happen if some bold president would put out the call for 40,000 of them to show up at Waldo. I'd like to see that just one time.

The alumni association did some good things, but the look and feel was it was just another fund raising shtick rather than a genuine call for people to be part of the Family. This new approach is the best of both worlds, everybody is in but you can still send a few bucks if that rings your bell.
(12-23-2011 06:35 PM)DesertBronco Wrote: [ -> ]All in all, it's a positive. We need to have a feeling of inclusiveness in our community, for as long as I can remember, it's never felt that way. Good start.

HAHAHAHAHA.... this is rich coming from someone like you.

"We need to have a feeling of inclusiveness in our community"

Look in a mirror lately? Look at my signature lately? Why don't you heed your own advice?

"for as long as I can remember, it's never felt that way"

Gee, I wonder why that is, as long as you've been around it's never felt that way? Hmm... 03-idea
Don't get petty, it just comes off bad. I certainly have my issues with DB, but most of them are over real events or substance. Judging a person based on a few web board posts makes you look mean and angry. I'd avoid this one.
There are a few people on this board who love posting to see the reaction from people, myself included.
Hey 11122233, do you confuse the real world with web boards often?
Overall, seems like a smart idea... and I'm quite happy they told me before I sprung for the Lifetime membership this year!
04-bs04-bs:bs:Totally ignoring the faithful alumni that live on the east side of the state, forever (sometimes referred to as the "Lost Battalion")
certainly promotes the provincial attitude that always has, and continues to exist.
If whoever wishes WMU to continue to be a regional teachers college, just keep patting yourself on the back, and hunker down in Southwestern Michigan,
and absolutely deny the existence of the rest of the state and continue to keep our Alma Mater a "Great Secret ".

Eliminating alumni dues and calling everyone a "Family"?, may serve some self absorbed purpose, but beyond that................,
"Let's not stray out of the "BIG (Kalamazoo) VALLEY" !

If it wasn't for the Athletic Department, no one on this side of the state would know WMU exists!
[Image: metro-building.jpg]

Western Michigan Univ. MetroDetroit location Woodward Avenue, Royal Oak, MI
:confused:Does anyone know the real purpose of this building?
To show the school hasn't forgotten about SE MI, duh!
I've been there.
There's more to it than that, Mr. duh.
I made the mistake of playing in the SE MI alumni golf outting. Played in it two years straight. Probably the worst organized event of its kind I've ever attended. Our foursome won the event, and for our efforts received a SLEEVE of golfballs 03-weeping

The worst score in the event won a WMU leather jacket XXXL. The lady didn't want it and I bought it off her for $20. Ended up giving it Brian Sniders dad, the only guy I know who could fit in it.

Bottom line, if your chapter wants to be taken seriously you and the association have got to do a better job of presenting/selling yourself in these events. The guy running it did the best he could, but you really need some people with serious connections and organizational skills.
We'll do better than that !

We'll do away with Chapters, Golf Outings in SE Michigan, etc, etc,
call everyone a FAMILY ?, and keep total control in Kalamazoo !

Case closed!!
Interesting take. Our Denver chapter is pretty much non existent. Had a gathering at Brooks a year or so ago, that went well, but otherwise, nada.
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