Full Version: Gameday Experience
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Hello folks. I am working on a project and would love some feedback. I have been to tons of college football games and many stadiums but have never made it to Nebraska. I would love some information and insight from Husker fans about your experiences at home and on the road

Your team:
Describe stadium and atmosphere
Tailgating scene?
How is the surrounding area?
How is the food? what kind of food - in stadium and during tailgate
What are some of the cool traditions before or during the game?
Thoughts on team jerseys
Biggest, most hated rival?
Would you recommend trip to visitors?

Other teams:
Best overall stadium
Best atmosphere
Best tailgate
Best surrounding area (bars, restaurants)
Nicest town
Best food
Best traditions
Best road trip
Best fans
Best jersey (team and combo)
in your opinion, not including your own team, biggest rivalry in CFB is ?
Where would you recommend your fans travel to?
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