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Here's a new one I spoke to.
6'4" 245lb DE/LB Patrick Moore of Northeast Mississippi CC will decide between USA, Troy and Northwestern State. He had 30 tackles, 4 TFL and 2 sacks this year.
He looks good on film. Link
I think he'd be really good as a pass rushing outside linebacker in the 3-4.
When do you think we will know his decision?
He told me that he was going to wait and see what happens between now and signing day. But when I asked him if he expected more offers or if he would just need to decide between the ones he already has, he said it would just be decision between the three. Seems like that could happen a lot sooner.
Just curious. Would he be signing on the 20th or is he waiting for Feb. ( Isn't Dec. 20th signing day for JUCO players? )
I think he's eligible to sign this month. The signing date is the 21st, next Wednesday.
Based on CJJ's comments in MPR this morning, I'm guessing Moore is one of the guys he expects to sign next week.
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