Full Version: Observations from the Prattville v. Hoover State Championship
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Lawon Debardelaben on the first play of the 4th quarter had a huge play picking up a first down on a fake punt. P'ville scored a couple plays later to take a 35-28 lead with 8 to play. Hoover did not throw his way often. As a matter of fact, they took about 4 real shots down the field and every time it was at Wake Forest commit Laronji Vason. If Lawon were a couple inches taller he might be committed to a big time program.

Terrence Jones played really well. He actually played DE (5 technique, outside the opposing OT) and was in Hoover's backfield a lot, especially in the second half. He showed a good first step and multiple pass rush moves. I think Jones will be a 3 technique for USA, but that pass rushing ability will come in very handy. I've seen Prattville play a couple of times, and I think Jones is as good or better than PHS DT Justin Shanks who's committed to FSU. He may not have Shanks natural bulk, but Jones has outplayed Shanks when I've had the chance to see them.

Unfortunately, Terrence Jones' good night came at the expense of USA commit Daniel Aust. He didn't have a terrible night, but playing LOT up against Terrence Jones, Jones got the better of him. Aust has good feet, the just work better getting up field run blocking on the second level than they do sliding in pass pro. He's had a shoulder injury that's stripped him of some strength, and he's actually lost some bulk to. He has to gain a lot of strength and add a lot of bulk.

Hoover scored with less than a minute to play to cut the score to 35-34 and elected to go for 2. Our Prattville guys came up big. Hoover rolled right (away from Terrence Jones who'd been getting consistent pressure the whole second half Prattville LDE (and USA commit) Jay Minor got up the field, got a hand on Hoover's QB and flushed him back to his left. He scrambled for a second then completed a pass over the middle where Lawon Debardelaben dropped the WR as soon as he caught it around the two yard line.

Minor can really get up the field off the edge. He Plays a true DE for the Lions but assuming he'll be a Jack LB at USA, he might wreak more havoc in college. Playing Jack will put him more on the edge in a little more space, with a couple steps before the OT engages him.

I maybe be off, but Prattville's Terrence Jones and Lamar Co., Ga. NT Frederick Walker look like SEC DL to me. Demopolis's Steven Foster and Stone Mountain, Ga.'s Steve McKenzie look like BCS OL. Obviously, Kyron Samuels falls into that category, as well. Hopefully, he can land Samuel. That's a good HS class on both sides of the line. 
Thanks for the report. I especially like that last pargraph!
I hope these guys enroll early. It would be good to get them in for the spring game and started on strength training.
Commit Kenneth Crenshaw's Tucker team won the Georgia AAAA title yesterday.
Yeah. It was good to see that a number of our commits were involved in State play-offs.
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