Full Version: The official welcome to NCAAbbs thead
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Welcome aboard! Enjoy your stay! Room service should be around shortly.
*is still making the beds* CRAP! Give me five minutes!
Howdy do!

Thursdays are your days to bring snacks.
Glad you all are here. Sit and stay a while!
And we expect all of your South Alabama to the Big East announcements to be on Tuesdays
You guys are going to love this place.
Welcome fellas!
Welcome to the board fellas
(11-30-2011 09:13 PM)ETSUfan1 Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome fellas!
Wait we have an A Sun mod...wait we have A-Sun fans? 03-lmfao

(Joking fyi)
Thank you, everyone. It's been a while since I felt so welcome and dirty at the same time.
Welcome to ncaabbs
Welcome Sun Belt Bretheren
Welcome Jags!
Welcome to the gang!

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Welcome. Hope you enjoy and stick around.
Welcome, guys!
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