Full Version: Chicago or Charlottesville?
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Charlottesville, IMO a good decision.
Just curious, would the media view this as a step up for Leito or more of a lateral move? I see it as a lateral, in terms of the conference prestige (recruiting) and level of competition. The only difference is the payout. Good luck to Coach Leito with the Cavaliers!
As far as I can determine, there is mixed thoughts on this. Some say that Leitao went to the best conference, with the best players and this will expand his ability to recruit. However, some say that Virginia is a much tougher job, with a much higher risk of failing, while not gaining a whole lot in glamour with the position. DePaul does have a storied history, thanks to the Coach, but of course they can not compete financially with BCS schools. My thought? The job may seem like a step up, but with the nature of the ACC and the expectations of Virginia boosters... it is far closer to career suicide than the DePaul job, without gaining much more than money in the process. Leitao valued a bigger payoff now, while risking his future career opportunities instead of sticking it out at a school with less expectations and more patience.
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