Full Version: 11-12 Non-Conf Pick'Em Round #4 - post picks by Mon Nov21 6pm
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Games of Nov 21-24.

Copy/paste list of games below, bold your predicted winners, and show your predicted final score margin. NO EDITS!!

Gardner-Webb at Indiana
Stetson at Charleston Southern
Campbell at Chicago State
Presbyterian at Davidson
Tenn Tech at High Point
Coastal Carolina at Clemson
Radford at Kentucky
Gardner-Webb at Butler
VMI at Ohio State
Campbell at Iowa
UNCA vs Connecticut
Gardner-Webb at Indiana- 24
Stetson at Charleston Southern- 6
Campbell at Chicago State- 4
Presbyterian at Davidson- 18
Tenn Tech at High Point- 9
Coastal Carolina at Clemson- 21
Radford at Kentucky- 47
Gardner-Webb at Butler- 19
VMI at Ohio State - 23
Campbell at Iowa- 15
UNCA vs Connecticut- 18
Gardner-Webb at Indiana 26
Stetson at Charleston Southern 2
Campbell at Chicago State 9
Presbyterian at Davidson 15
Tenn Tech at High Point 9
Coastal Carolina at Clemson 17
Radford at Kentucky 35
Gardner-Webb at Butler 19
VMI at Ohio State 20
Campbell at Iowa 18
UNCA vs Connecticut 16
Campbell 18 at Chicago State
Presbyterian 3 at Davidson
Tenn Tech at High Point 4
Coastal Carolina at Clemson 8
Radford at Kentucky 32
Gardner-Webb at Butler 14
VMI at Ohio State 12
Campbell 2 at Iowa
UNCA vs Connecticut 12
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