Full Version: 11-12 Non-Conf Pick'Em Round #9 - post picks by Fri Dec23 5pm
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Games of Dec 23-29 (FINAL ROUND).

Copy/paste list of games below, bold your predicted winners, and show your predicted final score margin. NO EDITS!!

Radford at Maryland
Winthrop at Georgia
UNCA at Western Carolina
Army at Presbyterian
Liberty at Richmond
Campbell at N.C. State
Radford at Maryland 21
Winthrop at Georgia 11
UNCA 5 at Western Carolina
Army at Presbyterian 15
Liberty at Richmond 15
Campbell at N.C. State 16
Final round and it's tied up![/align]

Radford at Maryland 25
Winthrop at Georgia 4
UNCA at Western Carolina 11
Army at Presbyterian 9
Liberty at Richmond 11
Campbell at N.C. State 10
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