Full Version: Shonda keeps giving us what we want!
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I love Grey's Anatomy DVD because you can never predict what is going to happen. It has the on the edge of your seat at all times feeling. It makes you laugh, cry and most importantly think! CSI Miami DVD Whether it's a medical problem that you didn't see coming or a relationship twist, grey’s anatomy gets thumbs up for that. Another thing I enjoy about the show is that I find I learn things too and that helps me in real life. Gossip Girl DVD I at least hope the show lasts a few more seasons.
By the time season three of Grey's Anatomy started, I was already hooked onto it because of the phenominal writing and acting, but the soapy drama has also kept me watching. Family Guy DVDSeason one showed that soap operas can be sophisticated and mature due to its strong stories. Season two did the same but cranked up the drama to a slightly higher level. It has remained the same now throughout the seasons. 24 Hours DVD Season three ranks among the best television I have ever seen. The recurring plot lines included the battle for position of Chief Resident among Callie, Burke, Derek, etc.
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