Full Version: Weeds - the only reason to get Showtime!!!
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I heard about Weeds DVD a while back and was instantly very curious to see how good, or bad this show was going to be. I really didn't want to get Showtime just for one program, and since this is pretty much the only thing I would watch on Showtime, buying the Season 1 dvd was a much better deal.
Grey's Anatomy DVD If you aren't sure what this show is about, well, it's basically a mom and her 2 sons living in an affluent suburb... oh, and the mom sells marijuana to pay the bills. CSI Miami DVD Why, you might ask, does a mother of 2, living in a ritzy suburb decide to sell marijuana? Simple, her husband died suddenly and she didn't know how she would pay the bills. Eventually the life insurance, etc. ran out and she had to come up with some way to pay her bills or her and her sons would have to move. Gossip Girl DVD Some people may think this is an unlikely story, but it happens everyday somewhere... Whether or not you believe the storyline, you will agree that the show is well made, has plenty of interesting supporting characters, and it isn't overly violent or sexy. Family Guy DVD I think I saw one brief glimpse of a topless woman in only 1 episode the whole 1st season. Watch the Sopranos and you probably couldn't count all the nude women dancing around.
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