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I am a devoted fan of 24 Hours DVD. I have the entire collection, and I have never seen a production like this, where there is non-stop action all the time and I could not wait for the next 24, because the series was such a pleasure for me to watch each week. I am so heartbroken knowing the eighth season is the last, because it left me wanting more!! Weeds DVDIt makes you wish that there really could be a Jack Bauer, a CTU agency, and all the good stuff that comes with it.
Very good acting from all the actors and actresses that gave believable performances weekly, and especially to Keifer Sutherland. Grey's Anatomy DVD A great body of work he did in making the Jack Bauer character so true to life, and to be so fierce with the ability to do so week after week. CSI Miami DVD He was so creative and brilliant in that role and what a wonderful character for him to perform. Hopefully, there will be a 24 movie soon with Mr Sutherland. Gossip Girl DVD Also, splendid work from the entire crew that produced the filming, locations, special effects, the directors and writers, the photography, etc. Week after week, their hard work always produced good shows for the 24 fans.
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