Full Version: What Are You Waiting For??
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When Family Guy DVD first aired there were two reactions.....one was of shock since no other animation show dared to lampoon literally just about everything in the world of pop culture and sometimes quite negatively. Perhaps too controversial for its time, the show was cancelled after only 3 seasons. 24 Hours DVD Thank God for DVD though, cause the overwhelming success of the DVD releases and the success of the show in syndication both on TBS and The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, the show was picked up again in 2005 after a several year hiatus.
Weeds DVD Now, the show dares to lampoon anything and everything, proving that sometimes the consumers and viewers can make a difference. Grey's Anatomy DVD The shows have started to get even edgier since the show was picked up again, and for the first time, this Volume 4 release is UNCENSORED. If you ask me, it's just a gimmick to sell more DVDs or be edgier just for the sake of doing so. The shows are great either way though. CSI Miami DVD Just don't be too surprised if you hear an unbleeped curse word here and there, though one or two episodes I believe do have the option to view the TV edited version.............But honestly, with the audience that this show has, I don't think that's gonna get much play.
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