Full Version: Duke vs Tulane. fb
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Duke 31
Wave 10


on the last drive, Duke went for and got two 4th and 1's then got the TD
Duke fumbles...inadvertant whistle. replay the down and Duke then picked up bout 20 yards
Duke 38
Wave 10

Duke scores on opening drive of 2nd half
turnover Duke
Duke 38
Wave 13
Duke 45
Tulane 13


2nd rushing td for Renfeild
Interception Duke!
Duke 48
Tulane 13

12.34 4th
Duke 48
Tulane 20

Duke has its first punt of the game at 6.43 in the 4th. downed within the 5 yard line
Good sh1t. Congrats. Feel free posting in the ACC game thread as well. 04-cheers
Duke 48
Tulan 27
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