Full Version: Clairton's 2013 Class
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Tyler Boyd is an absolute must of a pickup. This year he's been more of a TB since Karvonn Coles(Trenton Coles younger brother) tore his ACL. Clairton's 2013 class could feature as many as 3-4 D1A recruits in Boyd, Coles, Titus Howard 6'4 200 WR, and Tarrish Webb WR

Update... Boyd has about 13 offers, and today Titus Howard received an offer from Pitt.
Pretty hard to believe considering they are a single A school. I remember when Farrell was doing really well in single A (90s) and IIRC they never had the number of 1A BCS recruits Clariton has had over these past few years.
Its been an amazing run. This seems to be the final year of this amazing run. Almost all of the stars are Sr's and there #'s on Jr's are very low.
Nice triblive story on Clairton recruits.

What is that white stuff around the edge of the field??
(05-06-2012 05:39 PM)Wolfman Wrote: [ -> ]What is that white stuff around the edge of the field??

Haha, I was at that game. Syracuse had an OL recruit on Farrell's squad. That was a fantastic 48-8 route in the State Semis.
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